About Us

Our Story

Singularitie was founded in Brisbane in 2015 to provide businesses and business owners with advanced search, web and digital strategy services.

Looking beyond just ‘traditional’ roles of a search marketing agency we provide more value for our customers by combining traditional marketing theory and practice with the latest digital marketing techniques, tools and strategies.

Founded by Patrick after more than 5 years working for agencies in Brisbane Patrick aims to use that experience and use it to create a company that sets itself apart with personality and results.

Who is Singularitie?

Our company mission is to provide as much value as possible to our clients. This means;

  • Going the extra mile
  • Seeking truly understand your business and industry
  • Developing a real and lasting relationship
  • Understanding search and staying at the top of our game to ensure you get the best results
As you may have guessed our philosophy is a little different from most companies.

Our philosophy is not entirely our own. It’s inspired by many others (as most things are).

  1. Authenticity – Interact truthfully with everyone internally and externally.
  2. Transparency – We believe transparency builds trust – the foundation of great relationships
  3. Agility – In daily activities and in larger plans. Digital marketing can change overnight and so must we.
  4. Freedom – Everyone has the right to self expression, to optimize their work hours and to live the way they choose to.
  5. Communication – ┬áTalking to our clients and each other regularly, if only just to say hi. Keeping people in loop doesn’t just mean reporting on a semi-regular basis. It means touching base, sharing knowledge or just asking “how’s things”.
Anybody close to digital marketing has seen someone (a colleague or an agency) promise things they cannot possibly control the outcome of. We can’t and won’t do that.

But, we do promise this; We will hold true to our values and philosophy above.

SEO 90%
PPC 90%

What Others Have Said

Hazel Rigler
Hazel RiglerDirector of Marketing & Ecommerce - Hotel Grand Chancellor
“Patrick has impressed us with his tenacious approach to resolving a complex analytics issue that involved working closely with our website provider, booking engine provider and Google Adwords and Analytics teams. During the lengthy process, he regularly kept us informed on what was happening and what was being done to work through the problem.”
Mickael Dominguez
Mickael DominguezAssistant GM - Homecorp Property Group
“Patrick has been our SEO go-to contact within his organisation for over a year now. He has never failed to deliver high quality results within the agreed time-frame. Moreover, what makes Patrick standout is that he doesn’t just stick to what he is being asked to do, he goes the extra mile and comes up with new ideas and strategies to increase our online presence; ideas which he implements from start to finish. He is always available, even when I call him at 9pm on a Saturday, which is rare enough to be mentioned. I would not hesitate to work with him again”
Karen Francis
Karen FrancisDirector - Vivid Online
“In PPC and SEM, Patrick’s attention to detail would ensure that a message was crafted to achieve the highest CTR, producing results in line with and often above client expectations.

If the opportunity came about to work with Patrick again, I would only be delighted. “