Project Description

Case Study – From $0 to 4-Figure Passive Income

Ecommerce Guider SEO

Ecommerce Guider helps budding entrepreneurs looking to start a business to; research, set-up and, begin making money using Amazons FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) program.

The site presents informative articles, podcasts and email training sequences free to the public. The company makes it’s money through well-placed affiliate links for tools that aid its readers in achieving their goals.

The Situation

rubiks cube represents the marketing problem to be solved

Ecommerce Guider was a new site when they first came to us. As all new websites do, it suffered from a severe lack of traffic. That hindered their ability to help others, their impact on the world and the bottom line revenue generated.

Looking to make a waves but not sure where to start Ecommerce Guider approached us about helping them to generate traffic without spending a lot of money on Advertising.

The Solution

Taking into account the budget and their goals Singularitie prescribed a full SEO audit to get the new website inline with Googles best practices and, a structured content plan and outreach strategy.

An SEO audit sets the benchmark for performance against competitors which was vital for Ecommerce Guider going into the competitive space of free online education. It also includes keyword research which feeds directly into an ongoing content plan designed to attract clients.

The Success

New Backlinks
Traffic Increase
More Subscribers

Armed with an optimised website, a 6 month SEO focused content schedule and, SEO template for articles Ecommerce guider set out executing. This passive income site now brings in a tidy 4-figure sum monthly with minimal running costs. A great testament to the power of an SEO plan and on-point execution!

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