To grant Singularitie access to your AdWords account without sharing your password or login details just follow these quick steps!

  1. Go to and login with your Gmail account (if your aren’t logged in already).
  2. Choose the site for which you’d like to grant access.
  3. Then, click the Admin 


Now you’ll notice there’s a User Management link under every column. That’s because there are 3 levels of access: AccountProperty and View:

  • Account: Allow users to add other users, add additional websites, and link AdWords and AdSense data.
  • Property: Allow users to access the tracking code, adjust the retargeting code and adjust settings on a particular website.
  • View: Allow users to view reports, add goals and content groupings.

Click User Management link on the left, under the Account column.

  1. Add Permissions to a User

In the top right corner of the next screen, you’ll have to click the + icon.

Now you’ll be asked to enter the email of the user to whom you’d like to give access. You can give permissions to manage userscollaborateedit or read and analyze. Usually, Singularitie will need Admin access to manage everything for you.

You can select Notify this user by email to send a notification to each user you’re adding. Then, click Add.

That’s it! You’ve successfully allowed a user to access your Google Analytics account.


Good job, you’re done!

We’ll take it from here.