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Google AdWords is an advertising product provided by Google that places your ads in Google’s search results and on Google’s network of advertising partner websites (other people’s websites). Google AdWords let’s you reach customers by setting a monthly budget and only charging you when potential customers click your ads. 

It remains the fastest and most accessible way to get your business in front of potential customers thanks to the robust set of targeting options available. Using a combination of keywords, topics, location, device type and more, AdWords let’s you make money for your business.

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Why Google AdWords?

Because it’s where your customers go to find products and services every single day. Every second 40,000 searches are made on Google worldwide (more than all other search engines combined). That’s a lot of potential customers! After those 40,000 searches are made, Google will display 40,000 search results pages (or SERPs for short). With that many searches per second it’s safe to say that people people are looking for businesses just like yours. Advertising with Adwords places your business front and centre when people are looking for the products and services your provide. 

Google AdWords has a lot of impressive benefits over other marketing efforts. AdWords can provide businesses with a low cost way to move into advertising online. As you only pay when people click your ads and, you have a high control over your budget, you control the cost to your business.

Because AdWords is so fast and so flexible you can set up a basic account and even test the market on your lunch break. You can change your budget or targeting in just a few minutes to gain more customers or to scale back your costs.

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Quick AdWords Facts

  • Can get your business in front of people in less than an hour
  • Allows you to target highly specific searches 
  • Allows you to follow your customers around the web
  • Let’s you choose and optimize where your ads are seen
  • Is highly measurable
  • Has a flexible and changeable budget
  • Faster than SEO

What Does AdWords involve?

AdWords can feel a little too good to be true. So let’s break it down into what it involves to get a better understanding of how it works. AdWords can be simplified into 3 areas;

Keywords; AdWords starts with keywords. Selecting the correct keywords is the foundation of a good advertising strategy. Your keywords need to be what your customers (not you) would type into Google to find services or products that you sell.

Targeting; Once you have these keywords, you must decide where to target (location), when to target (what days, hours of the day should you target your customers), what devices (just mobile? or desktop too?).

Ads; Now you write targeted, persuasive ads that your customers might want to click and engage with. Do your customers respond to questions? Maybe they want to see a statement instead. Should your ad include price or an offer? These are just a few things you need to consider.

Benefits of AdWords

AdWords is incredibly useful for businesses of any size but to mak a decision you need to know why. Here is a short list with some extra description of how you can take advantage of AdWords.

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Most advertising is fixed. Think about a TV or Radio ad, magazines or flyers too. Once it’s printed or run for the first time, it’s final. Not so with AdWords, change it every 5 minutes if you like!

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Getting in front of your customers can be done in less than an hour with AdWords. That can’t be replicated by almost any other advertising medium.

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One of the most measurable forms of advertising. With AdWords you can measure how successful your ads are, your revenue, ROI and more!

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Constant adjustment and tweaking is the best way to improve your results over time. With AdWords you can adjust and tweak your advertising continually to reduce waste, improve revenue & grow your business.

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No Click, No Charge

With AdWords, you only pay when someone clicks your ads. Or, put another way; you only pay, when someone actually comes in to take a look at your store (website).

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Highly Targeted

Targeting your customers has never been easier. Choose when, where and how to target customers. You can also retarget people who have seen your site! There’s a lot of options and a lot of potential in AdWords.

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Start With Any Budget

Advertising on Tv?  $15,000. Radio $5,000. Magazines? $1,000. Google AdWords? As much as you like! $100 or $500 you choose!

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Target Domestic & Foreign Markets

Do your customers come from interstate or overseas? Target them quickly and easily using AdWords!

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Reach Any Device

With AdWords you have the ability to target mobiles & desktop or laptop computers any time, any place. There are no barriers, with AdWords you reach people whenever & wherever they need you.

What Does AdWords Cost?

Google AdWords itself starts at almost any budget. Getting your ads up in front of your customers can start at just a few hundred dollars but, the more you can spare the more you can make.

Its no secret that Digital Marketing is the most measurable form of marketing your business. Of all digital efforts, AdWords is the easiest to measure your return on investment.

Testimonials: We Love our Clients, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to our clients. When you sign with Singularitie, your AdWords are handled. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what others have said about working with us!

Patrick has impressed us with his tenacious approach to resolving a complex analytics issue that involved working closely with our website provider, booking engine provider and Google Adwords and Analytics teams. During the lengthy process, he regularly kept us informed on what was happening and what was being done to work through the problem. We are looking forward to seeing more of his other skills in action.

Hazel, Hotel Grand Chancellor
Patrick’s knowledge and execution of SEO is amazing and so are the results we have achieved with him and Singularitie. He always keeps us up-to-date with his progress and is never too busy for our calls. we highly recommend his services.
Luke Holt, The Akron Hotel
The SEO services we have received with Singularitie have been thorough and well executed every step of the way. We still don’t understand how SEO works but with Singularitie we don’t have to.
Matthew Roundtree, Omicron Finance Group

How Long Does AdWords Take?

1-24 hours to have your first ads up and running. Seriously!
That’s just the minimum. If you’d like to get set up on a solid set up for AdWords and really start making money then 3 months is a good time frame. 3 months is the minimum time it takes to refine, tweak and coax your AdWords into delivering results that truly make a difference to your bottom line.

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“The best ROI of any money we’ve ever spent on marketing.”

“Singularitie increased my businesses revenue by 50% within the first 3 months. I had no idea how powerful AdWords could be! I was wary to start, now I’m getting 3:1 returns and wouldn’t be without it. ” – Greta, The Tennis Shop

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