What’s in a name?

Singularitie.. What the heck does that mean?

Well, it’s a play on the word Singularity.

If you’re on the uber-nerd side (we are) you’ll know that the Singularity is a term coined by the famous (or infamous) Ray Kurzweil for a time somewhere in the future that both man and machine are one.🤖👨

In layman’s terms. Cyborgs (more or less). Kurzweil’s theory is that eventually, technology will be SO good that humanity will come to a point where we will start to use technology to make up for our shortcomings. Where man will be machine and machine will be man.

As techies, we  this idea! Imagine never forgetting anything you ever learn or being able to heal yourself with tiny machines in your blood!

For us, our name signifies that all the digital marketing we do, all of the time spent learning, perfecting and tweaking our processes for helping clients get results makes us part of the big digital machine of the internet.

We live online.🏠

Like the matrix we’re jacked-in! This is our domain.

Now, this time may never come but, that’s ok for us. Either way, we make sure we learn and do digital well so that your business can grow, can expand and you can do what you love and do best.